Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Was Born For This

When I was younger I fell down the bleechers at a baseball stadium, I tumbled down each step, so gracefully. It must of came naturally to me. I had everybody's attention and when I was able to pick myself back up I laughed about the entire thing. Laughter is important in this world especially at your most embarrasing moments. Tests are a big part of life too, as well as stumbling and falling. Sometimes we trip over things that are behind us, this signifies our past. Sometimes we trip over things that are currently in front of us, these things may be like big road blocks that seem to cause a "dead end", and sometimes we are given detours. Detours may take longer and may cause more frustration, but in the end you'll be thankful for them. I guarantee you the good Lord up above is doing all of this for a reason even when we can't understand it. Every wrong turn or re direction is a gift from him, be sure to listen and appreciate it. I've gotten angry at God more times than I am able to count. I've yelled and screamed at him, I've even told him how HE should do HIS job! I'm pretty sure he has way more qualifications than I do! I've made him feel like I know more about my future or what's best for me than he does. Here comes the buzzer. (I dont know how to type a buzzer sound but we can pretend) I was wrong when it came to me telling God what to do. I'm sure he looked down at me with a really funny face. A man who defeated death and rose again clearly doesn't need me telling him what to do. When I was born I learned what the term "fight for your life" really meant. I learned quickly how delicate life is. Honestly I shouldn't even be here today but then again actually yes I should. I have a story to tell. I am a firm believer in God giving us lessons in life just so we can help somebody else. I know things are tough more times than not but I realized early that life shouldn't be taken for granted even though we still do it. I was positioned feet first at birth which meant I had to be turned around quickly. When I was brought into this world I wasn't breathing. I was blue and looked lifeless, from what I hear anyway. From a young age I learned how to beat the odds, I learned how to fight harder than I ever had before. It wasn't me who allowed myself to be here today, it was my savior, my King of all kings. When it comes to hard times, trials, and tribulations you are not alone. God has done me more favors than a child gets at a birthday party. He has protected me from my wrong doings, He has allowed me new beginnings and more chances. I've learned a lot throughout the years. I've learned that we are responsible for our own happiness, no one will create it for us. I've learned that a little bit of faith and trust in our own self will go a long way. I've learned that kindness and smiles are contagious. I've learned that I am special, wonderful, and loved, that was a process in itself. I know we all have our own battles, our own stories but one thing we have in common is this; We are children of God. I was born a fighter, and so were you. I was born with difficulties but I made it, and so will you. Whatever you are facing, simple or hard, you matter. You never go unnoticed. You have a fella in the sky who cares so much for you. There are many more chapters in my life, ones I have no idea about yet, ones I may question when they get here but I am ready. I am ready to conquer the world because I have an awesome God that is leading the way. I was born for this and guess what? SO WERE YOU! 

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