Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

As a newly 20 year old, life has had me at complete shock here lately. The twists and turns of life have completely laughed in my face.  I guess I always thought the older you are, the better life gets but clearly that statement isn't true. I recently found Christ again, and in the process of that I am learning how to love myself all over again. To love is the most simple and pure thing to do, right? wrong. Loving others is easy but loving yourself isn't. Our hair isn't long enough, our waist isn't small enough, our laugh is weird, our height is awkward, and the list continues to grow. Self esteem isn't something you get when your mom gives birth to you, it's not something you catch on to or you just pick up on. Self esteem and confidence is learned and it's earned. In God's eyes we are just right, of course he wants the best for us so we may have to do some tweaking here and there but thats ok too, we are a work in progress. God is an artist and we are his masterpiece. If we saw ourself the way God did, we would understand the love he has for us. I want all females out there to know that their scars are beautiful, whether they are on the outside or on the inside. It doesn't matter how you got them, you are still fearfully and wonderfully made in our Father's eyes. Some people have fought or are currently fighting depression, abuse, addiction, or maybe you're like me and have struggled with weight loss. Every struggle, every trial, every bad day, is preparing you for places you never dreamed you could go. Your heart may feel broken right now, your tears may still be falling, but if you keep your eyes on the prize (Jesus) and allow him to walk this walk with you, i promise you will truly see a change.

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