Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life through my blue eyes.

Why did I become a member of satan's fan club for a week? What did I think I would receive there that I wouldn't through Jesus? These are the words I sent in a text message, while my eyes and cheeks were tear stained. The week prior was full of bad choices, and regrets. My heart was breaking knowing I put myself in this situation. Ladies & fellas, the next time you get an urge to do something you know could compromise your future and your peace of mind, listen to me when I say, it's overrated. Don't do it. I know sometimes we feel as if we're missing out on things that the world has to offer, but those things won't get us anywhere but a guaranteed spot in a hot room. I came up with a list of things I would change for the better, because when you're secretly hoping for something to happen, you are ready to give everything you have in trade for something else. They say when you flip a coin, when the coin goes up in the air you suddenly know which side you want to appear. I recently visited a friend of mine in the hospital, she had her new son bundled up in her arms, in awe of her creation, the same way God looks at and feels about us. It was a cold night, I about froze just getting In the car to head up there, but little did I know the weather would do its own thing. I peeped out the window of her hospital room, and before I knew it the entire hospital ground was covered with a blanket of snow. It was so peaceful, so quiet, so light, and then it hit me, it was meant for me. I know how silly that sounds but I believe it whole heartedly. Sometimes, things happen for us, as a promise, an encouragement, or even just as a friendly reminder. The bible says that our sins are like scarlet but they will be white as snow, and that evening, that's exactly what they were. My sins, my bad choices, my crazy moments, they were covered up like white out. And they were pure, they were soft, they weren't remembered. They were gone. Here I was, batteling with the decisions I had recently made, yet God still showed up and surprised me. I don't know what your struggle is right now, I don't know what you've done or where you've been, or what you are worried about, but if you learn something from me please know this; your story isn't over yet. I wish I could rescue every broken soul I come across. I wish I could comfort every hurt heart, and make them understand how wonderful they are. Every drug user, sex addict, assaulted person out there. Whatever your hardship may be, You aren't a victim, you're a survivor. My blue eyes have seen many things, some of them will never leave, and honestly I'm okay with that. Why? Because with the bad times also come the good ones. I've seen life taken away, I've seen people who try their best to get out because life is hard. I've seen people on their knees, praying, hoping, that the outcome of their current situation would be different. But also, I've watched new life be given, and those moments are what makes everything so peaceful again. Can I say something here? I don't know if you were planned or if your entrance was a surprise, but this is what I do know. You weren't a mistake. You aren't unwanted, or unappreciated, but instead you are loved, and you are important. You aren't a disappointment. You are not a waste of air. You are beautiful. You are needed. You are unique. You are you. Because of your appearance, someone else has a reason to smile. There will never be another even close to you. Isn't that really cool? Your quirks, your laughter, none of that can ever be imitated. Breathe easy my friend, life is precious, and so are you. 

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